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Undoubtedly the best option to discover the natural Algarve is doing it on foot or by bicycle, enjoying the time to contemplate this region’s unique characteristics. Walking through the “Via Algarviana” as well as many other existing walking routes, you’ll be able to merge into the history, the communities, the fauna and flora of this lovely place.

Feel the different scents, the landscapes, its people and the existing traditions. Watch, get to know and talk with the farmers and sheperds that live in this inland of the Algarve. These are the authentic traces that make this region so special. To better enjoy the potential of this region, Vale Fuzeiros Nature Guest House provides you with maps and tips from the best walking & cycling routes.

Route Vale Fuzeiros

Rota de Vale Fuzeiros DISTANCE: 9 KM | DURATION: 2H30 | DIFFICULTY: EASY

Pedestrian path dedicated to archaeology, where you can visit a number of necropolises and alignments which date back to the period 5500-4500 BC.

In this area you can still enjoy the countryside, where there are windmills, threshing floors and community ovens.

Route Iberian Lynx


Pedestrian path through the Iberian lynx habitats, surrounding the Arade Dam and reaching the observatory where you will find the National Center for the reproduction of the Iberian Lynx.

Route Vale Fuzeiros - Silves

Rota de Vale Fuzeiros - Silves DISTANCE: 15.5 KM | DURATION: 2H30 | DIFFICULTY: MEDIUM

Cycling route through the roads that cross hills and valleys from Vale Fuzeiros to Silves, passing by the Arade Dam. 

Enjoy yourself and be delighted with the natural landscape and with the charms of the medieval city.

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