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Zitur Algarve Nature & Culture

ZITUR- Zoom Investment Turismo is focused on ecotourism, namely on the beauty of nature, local arts and traditions along Via Algarviana.
The first Guest House, Vale Fuzeiros Nature Guest House, inside a beautiful small farm, opened in 2016 and was inspired on the lovely and diverse surrounding nature.  The local aromatic herbs are the theme of the house and each room has an herb name. In the farm, you can walk through a path of aromatic herbs and learn about their medicinal and other local uses.
The second Guest House, Alte Tradition Guest House, opened in 2019 and was inspired on the richness of local Arts and Traditions. The elegant decoration carefully integrates representative pieces of several traditional arts, namely on each room representing a specific art. 
A third Guest House, Silves History Guest House, opened in 2023 and it was rebuilt around the historical identity and genuine heritage of Silves city. While being object of several archaeological excavations, this unit incorporates the historical themes of the city, where we can have countless traces of Christian, Roman and Moorish presence.

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